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Amazon, the digital storefront for physical products

Amazon is the largest digital showcase to showcase and publicize physical products, considering that 66% of online product searches start in this marketplace and added to the fact that it has presence in more than 15 markets with which it reaches more than 180 countries and 300 million users.

When we have a physical store we pay special attention to its location, we know that it is a key factor for its success, since its location determines the level of visits that the store will receive. Traffic in turn directly influences potential sales. The digital world is no exception.

The ideal location for a store takes into account several factors, first of all, commercial areas with a large influx of visitors are chosen, its cost must be feasible for the possibilities of the company, it must be close to the target public, have good visibility with the facades facing the main streets or corridors and offer a series of facilities for potential buyers, such as security and comfort at the time of purchase.

If we extrapolate it to the digital world, marketplaces respond perfectly to the ideal location to establish your business, Amazon being the star of the sector. Amazon has more than 310 million users worldwide(reference), in exchange for a small subscription fee and commission on sales it enables you to sell on its channel, has its own sites in more than 10 languages to cover the main markets of Europe, America and Asia, provides sellers with multiple marketing tools to improve their visibility and offers its users a reliable infrastructure to make safe and easy purchases.

Considering that 66% of product searches on the Internet start on Amazon(reference) and reflecting on the above comparison, we can conclude that the Amazon Marketplace is one of the most important commercial areas in the world and consider this as the largest digital showcase for the sale of physical product.

Whether you are a manufacturer, private label holder or distributor, the opportunity cost of not taking care of your image on Amazon can have major repercussions on your brand perception and potential sales.

Just as in the offline world, window displays play an important role in your business, on Amazon they are a key tool to entice consumers to enter your store and discover your products, help differentiate you from the competition and sell more by improving the customer's shopping experience and increasing your conversion.

Amazon provides brand owners with 3 powerful tools to make the most of their platform as a digital storefront: Brand Stores, A+ content and brand sponsorships.

Help discover your products with Brand Stores

Amazon Brand Stores or Storefronts are brand-specific websites published within the Marketplace environment. They offer an immersive shopping experience for your brand, so you can showcase your catalog by creating customized menus and web architecture according to your company's sales needs. They also help you differentiate yourself by talking about your mission and values as a company.

Increase the conversion of your products with A+ Content

A+ Content is a space on detail pages designed to visually break down barriers that block users' buying decisions. This content helps to graphically and creatively showcase the virtues and functionalities of products. Products with A+ content on Amazon have shown an average increase in conversion of 3% to 10% after publication(reference).

Seduce consumers with brand sponsorships

Sponsored Brands or brand sponsorships are a special type of campaign to increase the recognition of your brand, it is based on boosting sales as we increase the visibility of the Brand Store and product catalog. Just as physical stores seek to have their facades facing the main streets, brand ads help us to position our Brand Store at the top of search results. In addition, advertisers using the Sponsored Brands video ad format saw a 108.1% increase in CTR compared to advertisers using only the basic Sponsored Brands format.(reference)

Combining a good location, opening your business in Amazon's marketplace, with strategic design, Brand Stores and A+ Content, we make sure you have a solid brand image in the biggest storefront of the digital world.

Even if you are a manufacturer and do not want to disrupt the channel for your distributors by selling directly on Amazon, it is worth investing in the professionalization of your brand image and product catalog. Just as you would invest in furniture to display your products in a differentiated way within El Corte Inglés or other large retail platforms, you should also invest in how your products are displayed on Amazon as the main digital showcase for physical products.

Displaying products in a professional manner translates into increased retail sales for the retailer and increased purchase orders from the manufacturer or wholesaler.

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