Did you know that you can sell food products on Amazon?

The platform has been offering many options in its online supermarket for some years, as well as allowing other brands to sell their products inside and outside this service, and having a food catalog on Amazon is easy as long as you follow the guidelines and guidelines that they ask to offer the quality that distinguishes them, which in turn will benefit your brand in the marketplace. We will tell you what you have to take into account to sell in this category.

When Amazon launched its "Food and Household Cleaning" category in Spain in 2015, it made non-perishable food and cleaning products available to customers at the click of a button. It wanted to compete with large supermarkets and have its own online marketplace, delivering goods within 24 hours and giving large brands and small producers the opportunity to sell in many parts of Europe through its platform.

Following the goal of gaining competitiveness in the food retailing sector, Amazon announces the launch of Amazon Fresh in February 2022, with the optimization of the category to "Food & Beverage" allowing an exclusive classification for products in this line; and with its online shopping boom, pandemic benefit, it makes way for the sale of fresh and frozen products, including meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and dairy to the shopping basket of its customers, in addition to having the dry, fresh and frozen products they already sold through Prime Now (the company's independent platform merged with Prime in 2021).

This new online supermarket, exclusively for Prime customers, offers same-day delivery in two-hour time slots, at no additional cost for orders over 50 euros. In addition, Supermercado Día also offers its products on the platform, along with other well-known brands, making more than 10,000 items available online.

On the other hand, there is the option of offering your food products on Amazon itself if you are a seller or supplier on the platform. Of course, you must meet certain requirements to ensure the highest quality of the products that are put in the extensive catalog to those end customers who are in front of their mobile or computer, waiting for an optimal service.

The main conditions to be fulfilled in order to sell in the "Food and Beverages" category are:

  1. Compliance with applicable European and local legislation, including regulations concerning information and labeling --> This is important, because if we are not aware of these requirements and do not comply with the regulations, the product will be blocked in the catalog and will not be shown for sale.
  2. Comply with Amazon's minimum packaging, labeling and delivery requirements for food products: Products can only be new - Each product must carry its associated EAN code - Must include the label in the language of the country in which it is offered for sale, with only the English translation being invalid.
  3. The ingredients must be legal and must conform to the quantity and concentration limits applicable to each particular country where they are to be offered for sale.
  4. Ingredients and nutritional information must be stated on each product.
  5. There are requirements regarding the shelf life of the product, with a minimum of 90 days (products sold through the Amazon FBA logistics model). They also take into account the melting temperature of the products, accepting meltable products in the distribution centers only in the months of October to April.

In addition to all this, you should complete as much information as possible about what you are going to sell for the preparation of product sheets, whether you are selling on your own or through the Vendor or Seller models. Here are some of the information that we consider essential to include in a product card:

  • Name demarcation
  • Manufacturer's name
  • EAN/UPC/GTIN or ASIN codes, SKUs
  • Tax Code
  • Price
  • Legal Name of the Product (if applicable)
  • Recommended retail price
  • Product description (Benefits, features and technical information)
  • Net Weight
  • List of Ingredients
  • Nutritional Information
  • Product Shelf Life
  • Consumption Recommendation (if applicable)
  • Product Warnings (if applicable)
  • Country of Origin
  • Product SpecificationsLogistics (dimensions of the support/packaging).

Regarding the product images and following Amazon's recommendations in this category, as in others, you must also include at least 7 images with this structure:

  • ‍Primaryand Secondary that will show the front and back of the product.‍
  • General and Detailed Content indicating benefits, features and more of the product or brand.‍
  • Lifestyle showing the product in action or in use‍.
  • Product infographics
  • Corporate image with logos and more branding to make your brand known‍.
  • Product label image (very important and mandatory)

With all these guidelines to meet, we understand that managing this category can be a bit tedious, therefore, if you have in mind to sell food products on Amazon, in Dendary we offer you to create and manage your product catalog within this category and many more for your marketplace. If you have any questions , please contact us!

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