MIRAVIA: Asia's Latest E-Commerce Giant Knocks on Europe's Door

The youngest of Alibaba lands in the Iberian Peninsula speaking the same language of Generation Z, betting on influencers and brand partners to give life to a new space dedicated to online shopping where the traditional is mixed with social content. Miravia will bring together brands, consumers and content creators in the same digital environment.

Alibaba Group, the private Chinese consortium with 18 subsidiaries dedicated to e-commerce, launched Miravia at the end of 2022, with a very clear idea: they do not want to be just another Marketplace, but to get closer to Millenials and Gen-Z through frequent collaborations with influencers, and by giving away a new, fun and entertainment-focused shopping experience.

Although it started slowly in the market, Miravia began to gain strength this year thanks to campaigns incorporating new categories and taking advantage of one of the most important events of the year: "La Vuelta Al Cole" offering discounts on school supplies, discount coupons and free shipping, gaining more than 10 million visits per month.

According to the website itself, this new e-commerce is intended as a space where users can: "develop a lifestyle in an entertaining and simple way".with the possibility of accessing the store both from the web and from the App, and available for iOS and Android.

You can find a wide variety of products in the marketplace, but its main focus are the categories of fashion, health and beauty, where you can find exclusive content created byinfluencers betting on selling products of western brands to the new generations, in addition to reaching other generations through games in which points are earned for each purchase.

Unlike AliExpress, another Alibaba Group company, Miravia hosts a catalog of medium and high range, in which quality and brands are protagonists: L'Oréal, Lego, Foreo, United Colors of Benetton, Nike, Xiaomi or Adidas are just some of the brands that will sell their products on the platform. In this way they seek to remove the bad reputation of the well-known memes "what you order VS what you get" that remained attached to the AliExpress brand.

The new marketplace will have its own logistics warehouse in our country, located in the province of Guadalajara, specifically in Cabanillas del Campo , where other companies dedicated to logistics and the e-commerce sector already operate.

Miravia is committed to reducing delivery times, a fundamental objective to please its customers who are accustomed to the near immediacy offered by special services such as Amazon Prime.

With 22,400 square meters and a storage capacity of up to 12,000 pallets, the new platform aims to distribute 5.5 million orders per year. In addition, it will have 37 loading docks, two ramps for light vehicles, a fire detection and extinguishing system, and other features provided by Merlin Properties, owner of the buildings where the warehouse will be located.

If you are interested in having your products on Miravia, Dendary can help you. We have experience in the platform and we can develop customized strategies to help you maximize your sales and achieve your goals. If you want to know more about the possibilities of your business on the platform, do not hesitate to contact us!

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