The 7 most important metrics of a Brand Store on Amazon

In this article we are going to tell you the most important metrics to take into account when improving your online store in a marketplace like Amazon, Aliexpress or Miravia. Take note!

In the world of ecommerce, metrics are a fundamental tool to measure the success of a sales strategy. Whether you have a Brand Store on Amazon, an ecommerce or a website, it is important to closely follow these indicators to know what is working and what can be improved in the short term.

Before you start analyzing your metrics, set clear objectives, ask yourself: What do you want to improve? What do you want to measure? This will help you identify areas for improvement and make strategic decisions to optimize your business.

What are the main metrics of an Amazon Brand Store or online retailer?
  1. Visitors: allows you to see how many people visit your store and see how your traffic is evolving. If the number of visitors is decreasing, you may need to make changes to your store to attract more people.
  2. Sales: this metric is obviously the most important for your business. It is the money you earn from the sales of your products. Just as you monitor sales from your advertising spend, you should analyze which pages of your store are converting the best. Organize your product catalog, highlight your top selling products and make it quick and easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.
  3. Units sold: refers to how many units of your products you have sold. It will help you to see how your inventory is evolving.
  4. Orders: allows you to see how many orders you have received. It is important to follow closely this metric to see how your logistics is evolving and if you have to opt for other ways between FBM or FBA (link to post).
  5. Top pages: to see which pages of your store are the most visited. This will help you identify the pages that perform well and know which product category attracts visitors.
  6. Traffic sources: you will know where visitors are coming from to understand how they are finding your store. This will allow you to know if users arrive through organic search, advertising campaigns or external links to the marketplace. 
  7. Source tags: number of visits to your store that come from external sources such as your social networks, your email marketing campaigns or your website. This will help you measure the external impact of your marketing campaigns.
Where can you find these metrics on Amazon?

Within the Amazon Advertising console, in the "Brand Content" section and on the main Stores page, you will find the "Information" section, where you will find the most relevant data about your store. In addition, these metrics can be filtered by date to get a more detailed view. 

Once you have identified the most important metrics for your business it is important that you follow them closely and analyze them to see how they are evolving. Ultimately, the best thing you can do to improve your metrics is to:

  • Track regularly: don't settle for looking at your metrics once a year or only during special event periods such as Prime Day or Black Friday (link post events). Analyze your data weekly or monthly to see how it is evolving. 
  • Keep up to date with new marketing tools: improve the user experience, understand your brand metrics, know how many followers your brand has in the marketplace, redirect from your social networks, test new content spaces, update your product images with the help of Artificial Intelligence, enhance your content with premium options, among many other things to explore.
  • Save and download your reports to have a real control of your data. Use a dashboard to keep track of the metrics you are most interested in knowing to boost your sales.

If you still don't have your online store, don't know where to start or want to know all the possibilities that an international marketplace offers you, don't hesitate to contact us and simplify your work!

At Dendary we offer an integral management of marketplaces with our services: consulting, account management, advertising strategies, creation of online stores, content and much more. Do you want to explore all the possibilities that a marketplace offers you? We will be happy to meet your challenge. Write to us!

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